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Nitrogen SMART Trolley

The Semmco Nitrogen SMART Trolley is an innovatively designed trolley for carrying three nitrogen cylinders, which are mounted on a cylinder cradle for safe, quick and easy loading and unloading. No lifting of the cylinders or lifting equipment is required. The loading and unloading can be carried out quickly and safely, whilst compliant with OH&S manual handling and requirements.

The trolley can provide nitrogen at low pressure for inflation of aircraft tyres and high pressure for strut and accumulator inflation.

The SMART Trolley is supplied as a transport pack; disassembled on a pallet, for easy shipping and is simple and quick to assemble.

The trolley incorporates the following features:

  • Long lasting steel frame with coated skydrol resilient paint.
  • 4 pneumatic wheels with roller bearing hubs and independent suspension units.
  • Turntable (sealed) mounted tow bar with safety lift and braking/park system.
  • Recessed steel cabinet for Nitrogen control panel.
  • Markings and instructions in line with client’s requirements.

Approved Nitrogen control panel comprising

  • High-pressure regulator 0-240 Bar (3500 psi).
  • Low-pressure regulator 0-58 Bar (850 psi).
  • Calibrated pressure gauges, inlet, outlet
  • Individual outlet stop valves for high and low pressure.
  • Inlet and outlet connections.
  • All pipe-work fabricated from Tungum using high pressure fittings.
  • Low relief valve set at 23 Bar (330 psi)
  • High pressure relief valve set at 248 Bar (3600 psi).
  • Panel contained in a strong metal rack for mounting in steel cabinet.



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